Dr. Sonal Joshi is a qualified ‘woman of substance’, with multiple degrees B.Com., L.L.B., P.G.Diploma in Journalism, Oracle D.B.A. From California and an honorary doctorate degree

She is founder Promoter Director of “AVESHA EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION”.

She is an illustrious activist, a television personality and works towards the upliftment of women who are less empowered or are unheard of by the patriarchal society.

As an advocate and motivational speaker, Sonal spreads awareness of how people need to react to or hear these women who have been inflicted with either domestic violence, physical or mental abuse, or are unable to speak due to societal pressures.

As an entrepreneur and founder of ‘Sonal Joshi Transforming Life’, she is working for betterment for Women’s welfare. She conducts motivational parenting lectures, having counseled over 5000 women, by Visiting different universities and colleges, and NGOs across the globe as a lecturer on various topics and awareness. She has been conferred more than 75 national and international awards as a social activist.

She also writes articles and continues to present her views on popular television channels(2500 debates, forums and panels), on various social issues and women law.

Apart from what has described, Dr. Sonal Joshi is Visiting faculty of Gujarat University National Advisor of International Human Rights Protection buero Bharat Government and non Government – Lectures on Sexual harrasement on work place.

Aim of life : The aim of her life is to educate women and empower them against domestic violence issues. She encourages people in the society to be a good listener to these women as that is what heals them. She is an advocate and a motivational speaker. She always talks about how one needs to be humble to women who are suffering from such issues. She also gives lectures on awareness to the higher secondary school teachers and principals.